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Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Also known as Microphlebectomy, it is a minimally invasive treatment where your Los Angeles vein doctor uses a needle or scalpel to make micro-incisions to remove varicose veins on the surface of your leg.

Phlebectomy Vein Treatment

Dr. Haimesh Shah of Center for Vein Wellness performs microphlebectomy treatment on an outpatient basis (hence the name ambulatory phlebectomy) in his office.

Step 1: Marking the veins.

Some types of veins, including the perforator veins, pelvic veins, and truncal veins are only visible when using duplex ultrasound. Varicose veins, on the other hand, are clearly visible as they bulge through the surface of the skin when standing, and conceal themselves when lying down – like on the table.

As such, the bulging veins will need to be marked with a skin marker while you are standing up, allowing the physician to trace the exact position of the veins when you lie on the table. This is done by visual inspection of the varicose veins, palpation, and trans illumination of the skin, before tracing with a marker.

Step 2: Anesthesia application.

The area of procedure will then be cleaned, and the necessary preparations made with surgical drapes. There are some instances when phlebectomy is performed in conjunction with other treatments. If this is the case, phlebectomy will be performed last.

Otherwise, Dr. Shah will proceed by injecting a gentle local anesthetic into the skin around the veins, numbing both the veins and skin at the site of procedure. This injection can sting a bit, so you may request a mild, oral sedative.

Step 3: Phlebectomy procedure.

Using a sharp blade, the physician will make tiny incisions (2-3mm) over the veins in the marked areas.

A delicate hook-like instrument is then used to pull the varicose vein up through the skin, segment by segment. The vein is held and gently ‘milked’ out through the small cut until a sufficient amount has been pulled out, after which it is removed and discarded.

The entire process is relatively painless because the site has been numbed.

Step 4: Closing the incisions.

The cuts made are so small that they don’t require stitching to close. Sticky tape is sufficient, and can be removed after 3 days.

Phlebectomy Post Treatment

Most people are able to resume their daily activities the next day. You can speed up the healing process by exercising and applying compression stockings. The incision sites won’t be visible in a few months.

The procedure is highly successful. Schedule a consultation today online here or by calling us @ 1.844.77.VEINS to discuss your options with our top vein specialist in the Ventura County.

Dr. Haimesh Shah provides phlebectomy services to the Los Angeles & Ventura Counties with multiple locations catering to Ventura, Oxnard, and Camarillo for the treatment of various vein disorders.

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