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Conservative Therapy for Venous Insufficiency

We may recommend conservative therapy of venous insufficiency before seeking out minimally invasive treatment options for varicose veins and other venous disorder. This may provide you relief from symptoms of venous disease without requiring a medical procedure. Conservative therapy is required by insurance companies before other treatments can be considered. However, you MUST discuss with your physician prior to initiating conservative measures to know which therapy is right for you.


We recommend graduated compression stockings to be worn on a daily basis. Compression stockings are not intended to cure the underlying venous disease, but are effective in alleviating symptoms associated with venous disease. Compression stockings use graduated compression, which is highest at the ankle and helps prevent pooling of blood in the leg veins, which improves overall circulation.

Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Anti-inflammatory medications can treat pain and inflammation associated with venous disease. Generally, Tylenol or ibuprofen is recommended, however you must check with your physician prior to taking these medications.

Leg Elevation

You may also lie down and elevate your legs for a short period of time several times a day to reduce pressure in the leg veins and assist with blood flow.

Prescription Medication

Vasculera® is a prescription medication that reduces severity of symptoms associated with venous disease and also helps to heal ulcers. At present, it is not covered by insurance, and you have to pay out-of-pocket for the medication.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Patients that cannot be managed solely using conservative therapies, non-surgical treatment options may be used. Non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments are safe, relatively painless and help reduce or eliminate symptoms associated with venous disease.

I have only had great experiences here. Dr. Shah and his staff are very friendly I only wish they did more than this, I would highly recommend him to anyone I feel and look amazing!
- Christina R
Great doctor and wonderful staff-highly recommended!
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Es una persona muy amable y muy cuidadoso en su trabajo, y el personal que trabaja con el es muy profesional, me siento cómoda y segura cuando yo tengo que ir alguna cita.
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Felt great and accomplished with the results. Thank you Dr Shah and staff
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Dr. and staff are great. Very efficient staff.
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Staff is thorough and friendly, very explanatory of what they are doing during procedure, helpful!!
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