The most common cause of spider veins is genetics, though some lifestyle choices such as hormonal birth control, obesity, smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk for developing spider veins by restricting circulation. These veins can appear on any part of your body, including legs, feet, chest, and face.

Spider veins refer to tiny, twisted blood vessels that appear as red, blue, or purple spider web pattern through the skin as shown below.

Spider Veins Treatment

Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins

Spider veins can disappear by managing the cause. For instance, those resulting from hormone imbalance and pregnancy can disappear a few weeks after delivery. For immediate results, you can seek treatments such as sclerotherapy.

Laser Therapy for Spider Veins

If sclerotherapy is not right for your case, your doctor may recommend laser therapy. It works more slowly than sclerotherapy, even 1-2 years for the vein to disappear. In addition, you need two or more sessions to get a positive outcome.

At-home Spider Vein Treatments

Witch hazel is claimed to have astringent properties that help to treat spider veins. Studies on animals show that hazel also makes blood vessels stronger. For the treatment, simply prepare a witch hazel solution, dip a small cotton ball and use it to apply on the affected area. Do this multiple times until you see results.

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Spider veins are treatable. So consult your vein specialist to find out the options available for your case.