Spider Veins, also known as Telangiectasia, is a medical condition that affects almost half of the adult population. This medical condition is said to affect women more than men. These are damaged veins that show up on your legs and your face in red, purple, or blue colors. They look like spider webs, which is why the name spider veins. These spider veins are neither painful nor do they cause any scarring, but they can significantly reduce someone’s self-esteem. Keep reading to find out the causes behind these medical conditions and spider veins treatment cost.

 What Causes Spider Veins?

There are several causes for spider veins.

Essentially, veins perform the task of circulating blood and keep the heart pumping. All the veins have a one-way valve, which can sometimes malfunction or can become damaged in which case the blood cannot pass through and hence start accumulating in the veins, which causes it to pop. This is the cause for spider veins appearing on your legs.

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For the face, spider veins are often caused by too much exposure to the sun and blood vessels bursting under your skin. There are several spider veins treatment clinics in Ventura offering affordable treatment plans.

Treatment for Spider Veins

You can treat spider veins in several ways. Here are some of the treatments that even the best spider vein surgeon in Los Angeles will recommend.

Sclerotherapy and Closure System

Sclerotherapy and closure system involves injecting some kind of a substance which is sticky, into the irritated vein to close off the vein. This will stop the blood from accumulating, and overtime, your spider vein will also disappear.

For this treatment to work, you have to be patient as you may have to undergo several treatments before you see any results. In most cases, spider veins will start disappearing after six weeks or so after the treatment. You may be required to wear a compression stocking for a few weeks after the treatment is over.

Endovenous Laser Therapy

Endovenous laser therapy or in short EVLT is a new treatment method used to treat spider veins. Your doctor will insert laser fiber into the irritated vein and apply heat to it. The veins will collapse under the heat, and with time, the vein will be gone.

Compression Stockings

Compression stocking or compression socks are a great way to relieve swelling in your legs and treat existing spider veins. The compression stocking will apply pressure on these irritating veins on your legs, which will result in better blood flow and ultimately reducing spider veins.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment can only be performed by a trained professional and can only be used for tiny veins that are closer to the skin’s surface.


If nothing works, then your doctor may suggest surgery. Surgery is often the last resort when everything other vein treatment fails. Surgery is usually not performed on spider veins because these are tiny blood vessels.

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