Do you have varicose veins on your legs?

Do they cause enough discomfort?

And do they make it difficult for you to stay active?

It’s time you know about them in detail.

What are varicose veins?

They’re characterized as veins which are enlarged and twisted in form. Note that any superficial vein may turn into varicose. However, it’s mostly the veins in your legs that get affected. This is because of the increased pressure that befalls on the veins present in the lower part of your body due to standing or walking upright.

For a few people, varicose veins are just a cosmetic concern. For others, they may cause acute pain and uneasiness. Sometimes this venous disorder can give rise to more severe problems.

What causes varicose veins?

The primary cause for varicose veins to originate is weak or damaged valves. To facilitate round-the-clock blood circulation, the arteries fetch blood from your heart and distribute to your body tissues. And the veins bring the blood back into your heart from the different parts of your body. In order to make the blood returned to your heart, the veins in your legs need to work against gravity.

The muscle contractions in the lower part of your legs function as pumps. The inherent elasticity of the venous walls helps blood go back to your heart. As the blood prepares to flow towards your heart, tiny valves in veins get unbolted very fast. These valves get shut at an equally swift pace to avert blood to flow backward. If these valves become fragile or damaged, blood flows backward and coagulate in the veins causing them to bulge, stretch or twist.

When to see a doctor in Ventura County for your varicose veins?

In case, you’re concerned about the look and feel of your varicose veins and self-care procedures like exercise, raising your legs or wearing compressed stockings seem futile in improving your condition, it’s time you see a doctor for varicose vein testing in Ventura.

How does a typical diagnosis for varicose veins happen?

At first, your doctor will carry out a physical examination. This includes looking at your legs and checking for any swelling while you’re standing. Your doctor may inquire about any pain in your legs and ask to describe it in detail. Your doctor may also recommend an ultrasound test to detect any abnormal functioning of the valves in your veins or evidence of any blood clot.

Based on the observations, your doctor will suggest the right cosmetic vein treatment in Ventura County and help you with a comfortable recovery. At our Center for Vein Wellness, we offer ultra-modern treatment options to help deal with and fade away varicose veins.