Most often, spider veins manifest on your legs, ankles, and feet. Sometimes they develop even your face. Typically spider veins are smaller than varicose veins and appear in closer proximity to your skin’s surface.

Leading vein wellness clinics take care of spider veins on an outpatient basis. A vein doctor resorts to Sclerotherapy to remove targeted spider veins. This is accomplished by injecting a substance called a sclerosant into each vessel.


It’s important to note that the cost of Sclerotherapy vein treatment varies from $1,500 to $3,000 excluding the fees charged by the surgical center.

The period after recovery

Keep in mind the very fact that no treatment for spider veins can prevent the formation of new vessels because of the underlying vein disease. That’s why patients who undergo Sclerotherapy could expect seeing new spider veins from time to time. Also, they may often choose to return for intermittent treatments.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy

Numerous healthcare service providers allude to Sclerotherapy vein removal as the benchmark for effective treatment of spider veins. Here we talk about six benefits at the same time as they get rid of abnormal veins.

  1. Sclerotherapy vein treatment is minimally invasive and calls for no hospitalization or general anesthesia.

  2. It’s a relatively safe procedure with a very low-risk factor. Side effects, if any, more often than not fade away within a span of a few days or weeks. Some of the less commonly found complications include a blood clot, swelling, air bubble formation or an allergic reaction to the applied sclerosant.

  3. Preparation of the procedure for the Sclerotherapy vein treatment in Los Angeles is simple. Patients are asked to stay away from applying any lotion to their legs. Nor can they shave their legs. These are to be followed right from a day before the appointment. They’re also asked to come to the vein wellness clinic by wearing loose fitting clothes such as a pair of shorts or capris.

  4. In the course of the procedure, patients experience slight pain or discomfort that lasts for an hour or so.

  5. A majority of the patients can resume their normal day-to-day routine activities. However, patients are instructed by their Sclerotherapy vein doctors to avoid carrying out any strenuous activity, the same day as their treatment session.

  6. Sclerotherapy treatment enjoys a success rate higher than 80 percent for eliminating the treated vessels.

A reputed vein doctor from Center for Vein Wellness, that ranks among the Top 10 best Sclerotherapy in Los Angeles, may possibly need to plan multiple treatment sessions for a patient, based on the location and size of the veins to be wiped out.