Varicose Veins is a common issue in adults of the United States. It allows blood to circulate in the opposite or wrong direction due to which the veins become larger in size, swollen and turn to blue or dark purple in color. In the United States, the rate of affected adults by the varicose veins is higher than 23% which represents that approximately 1 in 4 adults is suffering from the same. If it is ignored and not treated on time, it turns serious and varicose veins may burst out or builds into varicose ulcers on the skin.

There are various options available to get rid of Varicose Veins such as surgery, ligation and stripping, Sclerotherapy, Radiofrequency ablation therapy and so on. The treatment by Radiofrequency ablation therapy Los Angeles is an efficient method to get relief at a fast pace in the field of cosmetic vein cure.
Radiofrequency ablation therapy is a process in which radiofrequency energy is used to warm up and destruct the wall inside the vein. Through this, the varicose veins are sealed in the leg. This treatment is founded by a dermatologic surgeon.

Why select Radiofrequency ablation therapy to treat Varicose Veins?

• The varicose veins can be treated in less than 60 minutes by Doctor in his radiofrequency ablation treatment clinic which means it provides instant relief from the suffering and pain.
• According to various researches, the success rate of radiofrequency ablation is 98%. Due to the success factor, it is the most preferable treatment.
• The patients are permitted to continue with their everyday activities without any delay with negligible pain.
• The patient can get instant relief from the symptoms of varicose veins and heals them completely at a faster pace as compared to other processes.
• There is no need to hospitalize the patient. Even general anesthesia is not required during the treatment.

What to know about Radiofrequency ablation for Varicose Veins?

• At the very first step, the Radiofrequency ablation specialist will filter out the varicose veins from normal veins by using ultrasound to treat them.
• Secondly, the doctor will infuse local anesthesia into the affected region which needs to be treated.
• After this, a radiofrequency fiber is embedded through a small entry point. Then, Radiofrequency energy is transferred through the fiber to close the malfunctioning vein so that the patient can get relief from the pain due to varicose veins.
• Finally, patients are stimulated to start walking and perform normal activities instantaneously after the process as it provides quick healing from the symptoms.

Preparation of the Radiofrequency Ablation Therapy Process

Before beginning the process, the doctor will look into the medical history of the patient to analyze his present health scenario. Also, a physical exam is conducted by the doctor to review the patient’s health. During this stage, it is crucial for doctor and patient to discuss various aspects of the treatment such as possible risks, expectations, and results after the treatment. It is important to inform the doctor by a patient if he is allergic to any particular medicine or injection.

What can be expected after the radiofrequency ablation treatment?

• The patients are allowed to start their normal and everyday work without any disturbance as he will be healed quickly.
• There are chances of appearance of minor soreness and bruises.
• If there remains any kind of discomfort, it can be cured with the time period.

Side Effects of Radiofrequency Ablation Process

As with the process of Radiofrequency ablation, there are several side effects associated with it. The major side effects which are observed by the doctors and specialists are:
• Skin Burns
• Bruising
• Dyspigmentation
• Scarring
• Blood Clotting – In the deep veins region, tiny and large blood clots can be seen after the treatment.

It is vital to reduce the side effects of the therapy process so that the success and efficiency rate can be boosted. It is possible to minimize the side effects of a radiofrequency ablation treatment process only when a patient opts for an experienced and professional radiofrequency ablation specialist for the best outcomes.

The Cost of Radiofrequency Ablation treatment varies from high price package to low price package. It depends on the experience and capability of the doctor and experts treating the varicose veins. The Radiofrequency Ablation treatment price in Los Angeles is considered to best in terms of treatment experience, infrastructure and the outcomes of the process. It is better to invest in radiofrequency ablation therapy instead of any other method.

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