Varicose Veins, also called varicose or varicosities, are veins get swollen and enlarges, dialets and are overfilled with blood. They can be seen as they become purplish or red in color. They are generally under the skin in the legs. They can give a hint like pain in the legs or bleeding or in certain cases superficial thrombophlebitis.

This is commonly seen in women and as per statistics, 25% of the adults suffer from varicose a vein that means 1 out of 4 people are suffering. The varicose vein treatment clinic Los Angeles is one of the highly suggested clinics for such treatment.

Causes of varicose veins

This is caused due to dysfunction of the vein where the valve present in the vein prevents blood from flowing backward. Due to such a situation, the blood gets clotted rather than flowing towards the heart and this enlarges the vein. The veins are far from the heart due to which the gravity makes it difficult for blood to flow upward.

Certain causes include:
• Pregnancy
• Age over 5
• Menopause
• Obesity
• Standing for long timings
• Genetic history

Diagnosis of varicose veins

The following steps are taken to analyze varicose vein treatment:-
• The doctor will examine your legs by asking you to sit and stand
• The doctor will ask you about the extent of the pain that you are suffering from
• He might prescribe you to get an ultrasound done to check the flow of blood (high-frequency sound waves are applied to check how the blood is flowing in your veins)
• Depending upon the location where the blood clotting has taken place a venogram is done to understand the working of the vein
• During the test, a special dye is injected into the legs and x-ray is being done, the x-ray clearly shows the veins blood flow activity

Treatment and prevention measures for varicose veins

Generally, the doctor suggests to bring about a change in the lifestyle rather than trying any other treatment.
Lifestyle changes would include:
 Avoiding long hours of standing
 Losing weight
 Regular exercise to improve the circulation of blood
 Usage of compression socks or stockings
If one is already suffering from varicose veins then s/he needs to be more cautious to prevent having further disruptive veins. Legs should also be elevated or moved while resting or sleeping hours.


Due to compression by socks or stockings, a natural pressure is created on the legs which easily enhances the blood flow to the heart. They also help reduce swelling.

The compression stocking can easily be available in drugstores.


If there is extreme pain due to varicose veins and the lifestyle changes are not much effective then the doctor may suggest surgery.

The doctor then suggests varicose vein removal. He first applies anesthesia to the affected area. The surgeon makes cuts in the skin then cuts the varicose vein and removes it through the incision. This is also called stripping or vein ligation.

Other options for the treatment of varicose veins are:

• Sclerotherapy, here a liquid or foam is injected to block off the smaller varicose vein
• Microsclerotheraphy, here a liquid chemical injection is used to block off the smaller veins
• Light energy called Laser varicose vein removal surgery is done to block off a vein
• Heat and radiofrequency waves are also applied to block off the veins, this procedure is called endovenous ablation therapy
• A small lighted scope is inserted through a small incision to block off the vein, this procedure is called endoscopic vein surgery

Before getting through any of the surgery methods its very important to know about its pros and cons as this is a concern for health. The kind of surgery would depend on the frequency of the symptoms, the size of enlargement and the affected location of the same.

People suffering from varicose veins

Generally, a lot of it is handled by the change in lifestyle and due to exercise and medication, the pain is under control. They are not long term medical issue but yes temporarily they cause a lot of disturbance in the normal lifestyle.

In certain cases, it is spotted to have lead to chronic inflammation, blood clots, sores on the legs or even ulcers.

In case any of the above symptoms are spotted, it is advisable to visit a doctor at an urgent call before the situation gets worse.

Side effects of surgery

• Skin burns
• Bruising
• Dyspigmentation
• Scarring
• Blood clotting in tiny amounts can be seen in the deep vein region


The recovery is faster and a normal lifestyle can be lead and one can join back work within a couple of days.


The package varies from high to low depending on the therapy, the location, the clinic and the efficiency of the doctor.

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