The vein plays a vital part in the process of the body system. Its work is to circulate blood from one part to another. They are buried below the skin but in some parts, it is visible like arms, legs and sometimes boobs. However, this is very normal but sometimes the visible veins on the breast look so unusual that it becomes compulsory for a woman to consult with a doctor.

According to the top breast vein surgeon in Oxnard, certain conditions make the veins so visible that it looks like a sign of danger. However, some females even treated it with breast vein surgery because of their consciousness for body or sometimes doctors advise for the surgery due to some medical factors.

Let’s have a look at some of the common factors which can cause visible veins on the boobs. Check out:

• Changes in hormones: The hormonal changes in the body can affect your breast size and thus the veins can be visible. The menstruation or puberty time is the crucial time for hormonal changes effect on the breast.
• Increased weight: The weight gaining can stretch the breast skin which makes it easy to visible the internal veins.
• Weight Loss: Sometimes loss of weight results in thinning the fat layer of the skin that the internal veins become visible and make it more exposed to be noticed by others.
• Pregnancy: Pregnancy is again a major cause to make the breast vein visible because while pregnancy the blood volume increases 20 to 40 percent and makes it more visible. In some women, this can be a cure after delivery while some have to face it afterward also, depending on different bodies.
• Breastfeed: While breastfeeding, it is very common to have the Cleary red or blue veins on the breast. This also happens due to the breast engorged with the milk.
• Age factor: Age is also one of the big factors in making lots of changes in your body. The older age women will have more visible veins not only on boobs but on the whole body. With the increasing age, the skin becomes thinner and more transparent and the fat on the breast decreases with the down of hormonal levels which makes the veins visible.
• Big breast: The heavy breasts also have visible veins because of the gravity effect which results in the skin to stretch and makes the vein to look clearer.

The medical condition of clear visibility of breast veins

• Mondor’s disease: This condition of the breast occurs due to inflammation of a vein in the breast or chest wall. This condition is also known as superficial thrombophlebitis.
• Breast cancer:  The Visible breast veins surgeries are one of the symptoms of breast cancer. If you have any of such breast veins problems then consult with a doctor and know the exact problem of having visible breast veins.
• Breast augmentation: Sometimes, breast surgery also leads the veins to appear on the skin. This can be because of many medical factors.

Final Words

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