The varicose veins are a very painful and uncomfortable situation in which a person feels contraction, aches, and cramps. This is twisted veins that occur due to less circulation of blood. However, varicose vein treatment can cure the problem. Apart from the pain, the other symptoms of varicose veins are swollen legs, heaviness, burning sensation and sometimes numbness.

Mostly the varicose veins occur due to standing and sitting for a long time. The men and women both can have the problem of varicose veins. When the problem increases then doctors treat it by the varicose vein removal process. The varicose vein treatment Los Angeles is very effective and many experienced patients appreciated their treatment. The laser varicose vein removal is famous among all the treatments.

There is no doubt that the workplace plays a very important role to make us healthy. Lots of stress and too much hard work can affect health. It is very important to keep yourself healthy along with work. Here are some tips to reduce the risk of varicose veins in the workplace.

Check Out:

• This tip is for females. Choose comfortable shoes and slippers instead of high heels. Too much standing and the walking job can affect the veins.

• If you are having a sitting job for a long time then take a break and walk in between to make the balance of blood circulation.

• Long-time standing job needs some time to sit. Arrange the time for yourself in which you can relax for some time sitting on the comfortable chair by raising your legs.

• Some people smoke at their workplace to reduce stress. Even at some company, there are separate smoking zone is maintained for smoker employees. If you are also the one among them then it is strictly advised to quit smoking when you are stressed.


The person who has to travel for a long time should make themselves comfortable while traveling with the following tips:

1. While driving takes some rest and roams around so that valves in the vein do not stop functioning.
2. If you are traveling, book the ticket with a comfortable seat.
3. If it is a long route traveling, then book the reservation ticket for sleeping.
Apart from the above-discussed tips to reduce the varicose veins there are lots more things which can be done to keep you healthy. Some of them are:

• Exercises such as leg stretching and leg workout help in reducing the risk of twisted and swollen veins. Some major movements of the leg which keep your blood circulation active for the whole day.
• Elevate your leg to get the blood back to the heart. If you feel any symptom of varicose vein then start elevating your legs above your heart.
• Soak your legs in the cold water as it will give relief in pain.

Final Words

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