Visible breast veins may throw up lots of concerns for a few people. Nonetheless, obvious veins on breasts don’t exactly point to a serious problem.

  • In generals, no treatment is necessary for veins appearing on the breasts.
  • However, people who develop an aversion to or a feeling of self-consciousness about the appearance of veins on their breasts may talk over the likely treatment options with a cosmetic surgeon at an affordable breast veins treatment cost.
  • Here, we take a look at 5 probable causes of the emergence of breast veins.


  • Chronic fragility of skin or dermatoporosis may be caused by an increase in age.
  • When gradually a person grows old, the skin undergoes thinning.
  • In addition, the skin becomes more susceptible to bruising and tearing.
  • A cosmetic surgeon from a leading breast veins treatment clinic in Ventura affirms that because of these age-related changes, the visibility of the veins beneath the skin rises, in particular for people with fair complexion or having minimal body fat.
  • A few of the secondary risk factors may include the following.
    • Damage caused to the skin because of UV rays
    • Genetic inheritances
    • Prolonged use of corticosteroids

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  • For the duration of pregnancy and immediately after childbirth the size of the breasts may become large which, in turn, may lead to an increase in prominence of the veins.
  • Swelling or enlargement of breasts may also happen in the course of breastfeeding leading to engorgement.
  • A commonly occurring sign of swelling or edema is the manifestation of visible veins.

Bruising and trauma

  • Sometimes bruises caused because of an injury on the breasts may give out the look of visible, swollen veins.
  • A breast vein specialist in Oxnard states that in the course of breastfeeding, for a few women venous, swollen spots around the nipples or areola may be detected in the form of bruised and damaged blood vessels caused due to constant sucking by the baby.
  • These bruises usually recede and the injuries heal as the mother and baby adapt to breastfeeding.

Varicose or spider veins

  • The appearance of varicose veins comes into being because of the weakening of the vein valves which, in consequence, leads to pooling in the blood vessels.
  • When affected, the veins look damaged, inflamed, and out of shape.
  • The serious presence of varicose veins may cause lots of pain identical to a bruise.
  • The best breast vein surgeon in Ventura says that most frequently, varicose veins have an adverse impact on legs and feet yet it’s conceivable for them to develop in the breasts, even though such a condition is a rarity.
  • In lots of cases, the manifestation of a relatively less serious form of varicose veins, known as spider veins, may come to discernment.

Mondor’s disease

  • This is a seldom occurring vein disease that results in inflammation in the veins lying in the superficial layer of the chest.
  • The inflammation may engender chest pain.
  • Furthermore, a few people detect noticeable changes in their veins including swelling and heightened visibility.
  • The exact cause of Mondor’s disease isn’t known to doctors.
  • However, they believe it may occur because of trauma inflicted on the vein from surgery or tight clothing.
  • Also, in a few rare scenarios, the likelihood of breast cancer also can’t be ruled out.
  • Mondor’s disease usually fades away all by itself.

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