Let us start with the basics, what are veins we all have been taught in school books that veins are blood vessels that run throughout our body performing the job of carrying blood from all parts of our body to the heart. The vein size ranges from 1 millimeter to 1-1.5 centimeters in width. From the given definition of the vein, the one thing that is loud and clear is that the vein runs throughout our body so it runs through our breasts also doing the necessary.

However, like our other body parts veins are also in danger of defects or blockage. A very common problem known to all about veins is Varicose. In the part where our skin is thinner than the rest of our body, the veins are visible prominently like our wrists, hands, thighs or our breasts. The breast skin is soft and generally whiter than the other parts of the body so the veins are clearly visible and it’s not an alarming symptom.


If you are someone who always had visible veins in your breast region you need not worry about it. But if you feel the intensity of the same is increasing and new veins are becoming visible don’t hesitate to visit your doctor, in fact, if reside near Ventura you will find the best breast vein treatment in Ventura at the Center for Vein Wellness clinic.



1. Hormonal Changes: Girls go through a series of changes in hormones while attaining adulthood and sometimes due to these changes’ girls tend to develop veins in their breasts which are quite visible. It is highly recommended by Doctors for girls of this age period to visit a gynecologist to know about the changes in their bodies.

2. Pregnancy: Pregnancy causes a lot of hormonal and physical changes in a women’s body with the increase in weight the blood volume typically increases by 20 to 40% leading to further visibility of veins in the breast area. In some women, this visibility normalizes after delivery if not you should see your doctor for further knowledge about it.

3. Breast Feeding: Lactating mothers might have this problem as their breasts are filled with breast milk causing redness in the veins. There can be some other causes to it but it is recommended to get it checked for veiny veins as it can be the early signs of the same.

4. Mondor Disease: This is a rare condition caused due to the defuncting of the veins and it is generally non-cancerous. It is very easy to overlook this disease as it can be seen as just another vein popping out. But apart from the visibility of new veins if inflammation and pain are felt in the breast area it calls for immediate diagnosis.

5. Breast Cancer: A growing visibility of veins in the breast region can be the symptoms of breast cancer.

All the above symptoms of veiny breasts are treated by top breast vein surgeons at the Centre for Vein Wellness clinic where breast vein surgery is one of our forte amongst the many. Visit us by booking an appointment with our very able and learned the surgeon to know more about vein surgery. We will be happy to help you with all that you need to know about it like the procedures, pre, and post-care, cost of breast vein surgery in Ventura, what are the steps to be taken to avoid the occurrence of the breast veins, etc.

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