Varicose veins are bloated, swollen, and curling veins that often appear dark purple or blue under your skin. When blood flows in the wrong way or forms a pool due to faulty valves, you will notice varicose veins. Pregnant women are more prone to develop varicose veins. Around 23% or more adults are affected by twisting varicose veins. One-fourth of the people in the US are diagnosed with varicose veins.

The Center for Vein Wellness offers top-notch vein treatment facilities in Los Angeles. We understand the root cause of your vein problems and treat every case differently. We are the most specialized LA vein center for managing your varicose veins.

Causes of Varicose Veins

 The veins present in your legs are responsible for returning the blood to the heart by working against gravity. Valves open to enable the blood flow to the heart and then closes to prevent it from gushing backward. Damaged or weak valves fail to close correctly, allowing the blood to flow back and create a pool in your veins.

Treatments Available

 If the varicose vein problem is not severe, you may take the help of home remedies. Regular exercising, leg raises, weight control measures, abstaining from prolonged sitting or standing, and using compression stockings can reduce your pain. You can also opt for over-the-counter emollients and topical creams.


However, if a patient suffers from prolonged discomfort or pain, it is advisable to get it treated from a veins treatment clinic, Los Angeles. Center for Vein Wellness has the right specialization and devices to diagnose and treat your varicose veins.

  • Surgery: When the varicose veins are prominent and create skin discoloration, you need to go for varicose vein removal. The operation is usually painless and done under the guidance of local anesthesia.
  • Endovenous Laser Treatment: Laser Varicose vein removal is usually done for larger Intense rays of light that are directly applied to seal off the veins.
  • Radiofrequency ablation: A catheter is passed through the vein to emit radiofrequency rays. It heats the vein walls and effectively seals large varicose veins.
  • Sclerotherapy: Veins start fading due to a chemical injection that closes them permanently.
  • Ligation and stripping: Incisions are done to pull out the varicose veins.

Say yes to happy legs with the leading vein treatment center

Center for Vein Wellness has made pioneering progress in varicose vein treatment with their advanced equipment, world-class facilities, and professional doctors. We specialize in minimally invasive vein treatments, Sclerotherapy, injection therapy, ambulatory phlebectomy, compression therapy, radiofrequency ablation, and endovenous laser ablation.

We are a leading name for varicose vein treatment, Los Angeles. Our highly skilled and experienced surgeons will treat varicose veins with extreme care. We have an extensive range of cosmetic and medical vein treatment solutions to meet the varying needs of each patient. You are bound to feel the difference in your legs by undergoing vein treatment before and after in Los Angeles.

 We offer the best healthcare service at an affordable price. You can contact our physicians to discuss your vein problems and any underlying conditions.

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